Summer Work Epilogue

Hello to everyone again, I realise this post may seem a blast from the past so late into the beginning of the new academic year, but I have been meaning to throw out a concluding post for the work done over the project for a few weeks now, however other commitments have kept my distracted.

Fortunately I have found some time to put together a post finally, just to sum up a couple of points and tie the lose ends.

I would like to apologise first for any of the readers who were eagerly awaiting a continuation of my weekly banter some time in mid august, my time at home unfortunately did not allow me to carry forward with any real work, meaning I was unable to really take any action until I was back in Lincoln later in September.

One exciting (depending on which perspective you take on it) point to make on arriving back in Lincoln was seeing Andy’s post that the Hamble College website which I had previously discussed, that had actually continued to add more material from the OSS Unconference, meaning by logging in as a guest at their website; you can now see the improvised interview that Andy and I were asked to do.

The final week(s) in September before we were thrown into the depths of Level 3 study concluded with Andy and I co-writing the summer project report, which has now been “Okayed” by Cornelia and is available to be read.

The report along with the poster (.pdf format), together provide an overview of the actions, theories and our thoughts on the work carried out during the summer of 2009 and I hope you have enjoyed my ramblings that followed.


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2 thoughts on “Summer Work Epilogue

  1. Congratulations. I look forward to reading your report. I hope the experience has encouraged you both to continue working in the area of open source computing. There’s a lot of opportunities for students to get involved.

  2. Thanks Joss, id also like to thank you for your help and support that you gave us over the course of the project, I don’t know if Andy has been in contact with you, but if not then ill make sure your XO Laptop is returned.

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