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Day 12: Another Day at the Office

I thought id take a snapshot of our mock “Office” today, just to prove to the non believers that we really do have our own XO to play with (two infact!), and an incline into how I’m working (Multitasking) in the very humid labs on these lovely British summer days! Left to right you can […]

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Day 9: Broken Arrow

With the end of week 2 nearing, I thought it would be time to update. The first bit of news is that as of tomorrow, Andy will be away for 2 weeks (hence the title) leaving me all alone to get on with the project; although from the sounds of things I wont be alone […]

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Day 7: Getting Stuck In

Well its been 7 days now (I decided not to count the weekends) working on the project and things have slumped a little in comparison to last weeks shotgun start. Unfortunately it doesn’t feel like we have made any huge amounts of progress since my last update, but I think that must come with the […]

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Day 4: Up and Down

There have been a few setbacks for Andy and I over the beginning days of the projects which have caused a few problems, however this isn’t dampening our spirits! Day 2 (2009.06.16) started with some more research and digging into the previous work done last year, Andy also suggested the idea of trying to get […]

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Day 1: The Starting Line

With the project having officially started yesterday, I decided it’s time to explain in more detail what the project will entail, and what we achieved on the first day. With the finite tasks still a little hazy and a To Do list not completed yet, the beginning of the day was spent looking into the […]

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Introduction – Hello World!

Welcome! The purpose of this blog will be to detail the happenings and musings of the new project which I have taken underway here at Lincoln University. The project is under the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Scheme (UROS) banner, which is part of Lincolns Centre for Educational Research and Development (CERD), where undergraduate students can participate […]

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